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Jokes in French are a fun way to train on your speaking abilitilies and pronunciation: memorize them by heart, and then tell them to your French speaking friends, or your classmates. It's a good way to start the day!

Toto is a recurrent name in the French jokes field: he is a young school boy, mischievious and often vulgar, who gets into all sorts of troubles.


Toto rentre de l’école :

– Papa! Tu vas être fier de moi! J’ai été le seul à répondre à la question du maître!

– Et c’etait quoi la question?

– C’était: qui a posé une punaise sur ma chaise?

Toto Comes Back From School:

– Daddy! You’re gonna be proud of me! I was the only one who answered the teacher’s question!

– And what was the question?

– It was: “Who put a tack on my chair?”


La maîtresse demande:

– Toto, avoue que ton père t’a aidé à faire ton devoir.

– NON! M’dame, je vous jure!

– Sur ?

– Ah ça, j’en suis sur… Il l’a fait tout seul …


The Teacher Asks [Toto]:

– Toto, [do you] admit that your father helped you with your homework?

– No! Miss, I swear he didn’t!

– [Are you] sure?

– Oh, yeah; I’m sure… He did it all by himself …



Toto Et La Conjugaison

La maîtresse demande à Toto:

– Conjugue-moi le verbe savoir à tous les temps.

– Je sais qu’il pleut, je sais qu’il fera beau, je sais qu’il neigeait.


The teacher asks Toto:

– Conjugate the verb ‘savoir’ (to know) in all tenses.

– I know that it’s raining, I know that it will be nice out, I know that it was snowing.

The word “temps” refers to verb tenses as well as the weather.




Nom D’une Pomme!

– Une pomme qui est rouge, jaune, et verte. Comment l’appelle-t-on ?

– On la pèle avec un couteau.

Name of an Apple

– An apple which is red, yellow, and green, what would we call (appeler) it?

– We peel (pèle) it with a knife!

Note: There is an audible pun at work here. When spoken, “l’appelle-t-on” [… we call it] could be mistaken for “la pèle-t-on” [… we peel it]).



J’ai Vu Un Zinc

– Maman, maman, j’ai vu un zinc!

– D’accord, mais non mon chéri, il vaut mieux dire “avion”.

– Ah, d’accord : “J’avions vu un zinc.”

I Saw a Zinc

– Mommy, mommy, j’ai vu un zinc! (“I saw a zinc” [“Zinc” is a slang word for airplane].)

– Ok, but my darling, it’s better to say “avion.” (airplane – sounds like “nous avions”)

– Oh, OK: “J’avions vu un zinc.”



Le Bateau

Une petite fille dit à son père:

– Papa! Papa! Regarde un bateau !

– C’est pas un bateau ça; c’est un yacht !

– Comment ça s’écrit «yacht »?

– Heu … tu as raison c’est un bateau !

Note: In spoken French, they may say “C’est pas” instead of “Ce n’est pas.”

A little girl says to her father:

– Daddy! Daddy! Look! A boat!

– That’s not a boat; it’s a yacht!

– How do you spell “yacht”?

– Er … you’re right; it’s a boat!


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French Circles blagues


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